Mints App Review

Hot or not? Find out about Mints App, the first easy to use drag and drop cloud based software that let’s you create engaging polls and rating with just a few clicks. These polls then can help you get more shares, likes, email opt-ins and even sales without any extra work.

Love ’em or Hate ’em?

mints appSo what are your thoughts about those little binary and rating polls that are featured on some of the most popular sites? I’m talking about the Hot or Not, Who Wore It Better and so on. Do you love them or hate them?

The truth is that most people can’t get enough of them because of  three important facts:

  1. They are a great patter interrupt – reading text and watching videos is great but sometimes we need a 180 degree change to keep interested.
  2. Quick way to share an opinion – polls offer a great way to share out opinions without having to engage in comment or reveal our identity
  3. Just want to see results – a lot of people just want to see results when doing those polls :)

Those 3 things can make a big difference between keeping a visitor engaged and ultimately getting shares, likes and even sales and having them ignore your completely.  So what’s the problem?

Until now, the problem was that you either need to code them yourself  or hire someone to do it for you. This means an invest of at least $30 to $50 for each poll without the ability to split test different versions.  So a small invest can turn into thousands of dollars pretty fast and that is without the time it takes to find complete the job.

However, we marketers strongly believe in working smarter not harder.  So I’m happy to introduce to you an inexpensive solution, Mints app.

Inside Look At Mints App

With this simple, yet highly effective cloud based application you can create as many of those polls, rating and even funnels (if you get the upgrade to platinum)  you want.  That’s unlimited amount of polls at your fingertips for less than you would pay to have one created.

Once you create the poll all you have to do is embed it on your blog, Facebook, twitter or any other web property with a simple;e copy and paste function. This will allow you to get more clicks, visitors, shares, likes, tweets and most importantly opt-ins and sales.

So what are you waiting for? Grab Mints App below and start earning.